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Custom Rug, Custom Your Image Area Rug, Personalized Rug, Personal Rug, Personalized Rug, Personalized Home Decor, (160x230) cm

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183.00 $

You can send your requests in all matters including size

Personalized Rug, Custom Rug, Personal Rug, Custom Your Image Area Rug, Personalized Rug, Custom Rug Mat, Personalized Home Decor, Custom Your Home, Custom Gift Carpet, Gift For House


  • In these carpets that we manufacture and sell, we are limited by your imagination, we can weave anything you want on the carpet.

  • If you want to have your family photo, a picture of a sweet moment of your dog or cat, a word you like, or anything else on the carpet, please contact us,

  • The color of these carpets you are examining will never fade, It does not lose its vitality, passed 8000 washing tests and preserved its liveliness and brightness like the first day.
  • It does not contain any material harmful to health, you can use it safely and peacefully for your child and yourself.


Since these carpets do not carry pilling and similar disadvantages, you will not have an allergy problem, do not worry about this.

When you want to wash it, we recommend washing it at 30 degrees in the washing machine, there will be no problem.



As a standard, we do transparent packaging so that the carpet will not be damaged, if you want us to gift wrap, please let us know when placing your order



When you order, we ship the 1st Day carpet with DHL EXPRESS, if you are in any country in Europe, the carpet will be delivered to you within 2 days.

If you are in America or Canada, you will receive it in 3 or 4 days.

Deliveries are made to all other countries of the world between 2-5 days on average, delays due to the address and country conditions can be experienced from time to time, but this has not exceeded 2% among our total orders until today.

Don't worry, you will receive it smoothly,



Please do not forget that we produce carpets to order, these carpets specially produced for you are shipped after quality control, but if there is a problem such as a production defect, we take the necessary action for your satisfaction.

Apart from these reasons, we cannot accept returns and exchanges, your satisfaction is our first priority, we are extremely sensitive to fulfill all our duties in this regard, however, we cannot respond positively to return requests that are not arbitrary and based on valid reasons, as international shipping costs and other costs are high, please be understanding about this.

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