One of the key elements in choosing carpets and rugs is economic possibilities. There are many options and price ranges according to the consumer's wishes and the budget allocated for this subject. The important thing is how long you want to use the carpet. "

Since carpet, one of the most popular flooring materials of today, is a product with a wide variety of properties, there are a number of issues that consumers should pay attention to during the selection phase. Knowing these issues and using this information during the selection will help you make better choices.


Usage areas


There are a number of key questions you should ask before you buy yourself a suitable rug. The first of these is the room in which the carpet was purchased to be used. Is this room a space for the family to spend time together? Is there direct access to the room from the outside or is the carpet located far from the entrances? Will the carpet be exposed to direct sunlight?


In areas with heavy traffic such as living rooms, corridors and stairs, it is important to buy the best quality carpet as far as economic power is sufficient. While shopping for carpets, the performance classification guides of various brands should be examined. This classification system helps the consumer to determine which carpet can perform best in which region. The vast majority of these guides score out of 5. In this sense, 4 and 5 represent the best carpet in the category.




Considering the width of the area it covers, the carpet forms the basis of the decoration items in the living spaces. You can reveal your own style by choosing natural or vibrant colors blended with fabric and other surfaces.


Of course, your choice of color on the carpet is a very personal choice. Nowadays, it has become much easier to choose the most suitable one for you to capture the atmosphere you want among the carpet designs that are available in almost every color, pattern and size and offer different options for different places. For example, the use of beige color, which has been popular for years, will make the room look much larger and more spacious than it is. However, it is especially recommended when purchasing carpets; It is a choice that takes into account the color of the furniture and curtains in the room. By choosing a carpet in the same tones, a visually satisfactory result will be achieved by ensuring color integrity in the room. In recent years, environmental colors such as blue, dark green, pink and earth colors are in increasing demand.


While a warm atmosphere is created by using warm tones in rooms that are not exposed to sunlight, green and blue tones also create a soothing effect. Light colors make the room look wider, while darker tones create an intimate atmosphere. Thanks to the developing technology in staining in recent years, cleaning light-colored carpets has become much simpler than in the past. In this way, the sales of light-colored carpets, which were not preferred due to the possibility of staining before, have increased and much more decoration options have emerged. In the entrance areas exposed to heavy traffic, dark tones can be chosen so that the carpet can hide stains and dirt.




One of the key elements in choosing carpets and rugs is economic opportunities. There are many options and price ranges according to the wishes of the consumer and the budget allocated for this subject. The important thing is how long you want to use the carpet. When you buy a quality carpet, no matter how high the price you pay, you can get it for many years. For this reason, buying the best carpet you can buy, especially for areas subject to heavy traffic, will allow you to profit in the long run.


The quality of the yarn used comes first among the factors that determine the price of the carpet. Production and design features are also issues that have an impact on the price of the carpet.


Textures and Patterns


Carpets produced today offer much more than traditional loop pile. To add difference and interest to a room, you can make sure that the carpet you choose has a textured pattern. With the developing technology, several layered loops can now be produced. In addition, small stone pieces such as diamonds or accessories such as small dots can be used to give the carpet a relief effect. The texture, pattern and colors of the carpet can create an integral effect or contrast with the furniture in the room. Textured styles also adapt to today's active and daily lifestyles. Textured carpets are produced with many different construction techniques. The most important feature of these techniques is their ability to hide stains that may occur on the carpet over time.




Yarn is the basic material of the carpet. The type of yarn used in the carpet and the way the carpet is made are the most important features that determine the quality of the carpet. Most of the carpets are produced with 97% synthetic yarn. Apart from synthetic yarns, there are 5 basic yarn types. These;


Nylon: Nylon, the most popular type of yarn today, is a material that is resistant to wear, flexible, resistant to the weight and movement of furniture, and can also provide eye-catching colors. Since it has a structure that can hide stains and dirt, it is suitable for all kinds of usage areas, whether less or intensively.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene, also known as olefin, which is very strong against abrasion and permanent stains, is known for its easy cleaning. Polypropylene, which can resist static electricity, can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its resistance to moisture and mold. Polypropylene yarn is used in synthetic turf used in outdoor sports grounds and in playrooms in homes.


Polyester: This type of yarn, which has excellent color clarity, can be easily cleaned and is also highly resistant to water-based stains.


Acrylic: Despite its low cost, acrylic, a material that gives the look and feel of wool, is resistant to mold. This yarn, which is generally used in velvet making, is also used in bathrooms from time to time.


Wool: With its rich structure and excellent performance, wool is a material that is both soft and has a variety of colors. It is more expensive than synthetic yarns.


Blends: Wool/nylon blends are much more successful in terms of appearance and also have the comfort of wool and the longevity of nylon. Acrylic/polypropylene or nylon/polypropylene blends also attract a lot of attention.

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